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OAD in Agric

Principal among the goals for the Organisation for African Development (OAD) is AGRICULTURE AND FOODSECURITY. We are convinced that Africa has the power to feed itself and that its smallholders hold the key to lasting rural prosperity. We work directly with farmers to help them unleash their potential to feed Africa’s people, to end malnutrition and hunger especially among women and children, as well as unemployment, extreme poverty in all its forms, societal vices, youth extremism and youth migration.

The OAD  made visits to some farms across the African continent to abreast itself with problems facing the African farmers and practices being used across the continent. The delegation from OAD made visits to farms in Cape-Town South Africa, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, and the famous Songhaï farms in Benin, among others. On these visits, the OAD interacted with farmers on the challenges facing them and possible solutions. We also gave technical advice and support to the farms we visited.

OAD is also working to secure market for farmers to sell and export their produce. To that effect,the OAD has started an initiative that helps farmers get local and international market. We are currently working with a farmer in Sogakofe in the Volta Region of Ghana who produces orange-fleshed sweet potato, maize among others to get for him both local and international market. During our visits to farms in West Africa, we discovered that farmers produce in large quantities (Rice and Millet in Mali; Pineapple, banana, coffee, cocoa and rubber from Ivory Coast; Sorghum, millet and corn from Burkina Faso; Cotton and palm oil from Benin among others)but due to border constrains, they cannot trade their produce with other West African countries effectively. The OAD is taking steps to petition ECOWAS to address the problem of border constraints, to allow for free flow of farm produce among member states to enhance agricultural trade in West Africa, Africa and the World at large.