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Undoubtedly, the Youth of today are ambitious yet impatient and like a time bomb, they can explode at any time if care is not taken. We must direct their energy into good and productive use else “evil will find work for their idle minds and hands” and by then it will be too late for any action”. OAD believes that the best way to improve human lives, and make governing easier for African Leaders, is to make agriculture and aquaculture Economically and Socially attractive for the Youth – by creating an enabling operating environment; that includes infrastructure, technology, education, input credits, improved markets access and capacity building for our young agribiz entrepreneurs – to be profitably engaged in lucrative agriculture. Unemployed Youth are a danger to themselves and the continent’s development. Our people, particularly the youth, make perilous journeys abroad in a desperate attempt to escape the “lack of economic opportunities in Africa”.

It is towards the eradication of these problems that OAD has designed the “FOODGOALS” AFRICAN FARMERS AND AGRICULTURAL RESEARCHERS (AFAR) AWARDS and the post award projects christened “Peace And Ethical Prosperity Programme” to promote agriculture and create better opportunities for farmers, especially the Youth and Women.

The “FOODGOALS” AFAR AWARDS, unites notable icons and role models in African politics, business, industry, sports and culture, in one memorable event – to recognise, honour and encourage the work of outstanding African farmers and agricultural researchers – thereby informing and inspiring African youth to do even more and better.

OAD has designed this uniquely innovative self-financing and self-sustaining initiative to be celebrated yearly in every country across African and periodically at the continental level. 


  1. Create and African award, and Official Public Holiday – to commemorate, honour and reward African Farmers and Agricultural Researchers, in AU member states, and at regional and continental levels.
  2. Work with traditional and modern authorities, to make land more easily available for agriculture.
  3. Rebrand African agriculture as affordable, profitable and “sexy” – to inspire youth interest.
  4. Help to improve African food security and sustainable peace – by using our innovative advocacy approach.
  5. Prevent the unemployed YOUTH from joining Violent Extremist Organisations by focusing their energy and exuberance towards lucrative agricultural ventures


  1. Best African Farmer
  2. Best Agricultural Researcher
  3. Best Young African Farmer
  4. Best Female African Farmer
  5. Best Female African Agricultural Researcher
  6. Best Finance Option Provider
  7. Best Legal and Taxation Regime Incentive
  8. Best Land Acquisition and Administration System
  9. Best Agricultural Extension Officer
  10. Best Agricultural Role Model & Mentor
  11. Best Peace and Teamwork for Better Food Security
  12. Best African Celebrity Farmer

*Prior to the Grand Awards Dinner, an annual celebration of the National Best Farmer and the National Best Agricultural Researcher will be held in each African country under the auspices of their respective Heads of State. This self-financing initiative when celebrated at the country level will provide nominees for the continental Grand Awards.*


  1. National & Regional Awards
  2. Official AU Launch
  3. Sponsors Press Soiree
  4. Charity Football Match (African XI vs. World XI)
  5. African Awards Diner (Continental Awards Celebrations and Fundraising Dinner)


a “Life After Prison Project” and a “Community Care Peace Project” – key components of which are envisioned to include:

  1. Improving farmers capacity vis co-operatives and resource pooling organisations.
  2. Helping young men and women have secure access to farm lands and social services.
  3. Educating Farmers on the best practice for agricultural land use.
  4. Identifying Impact Investment Funds and linking them to farmers co-operative societies.
  5. Scholarships and Training for farmers

Click to download a PDF version of the FOODGOALS initiative presentation here in English and French.

Also, you can download here a PPSX version in English or French of the FOODGOALS initiative for a more interactive presentation. 

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