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OAD Community Care Peace Project

The CCPP is a rural community outreach and intervention programme that is focused on addressing some of the problems faced in the rural communities laying emphasis on agriculture and sports for peace and development, by providing certain required amenities for youth, women and children

These amenities include health care, technical support and research information on how to increase farm yields, since the majority of our people in the communities live on agriculture, education on the importance of preserving peace and living in harmony as well as repertoire of issues such as HIV/AIDS, organise recreational and educative programmes for the youth and children, present donations to the vulnerable, organise peer to peer education, sanitation workshops and fora as well as clean up exercises and serve as a platform for rural community development.  


Transforming lives…Spreading smiles


Use this platform to promote healthy and economically vibrant rural communities capable of enhancing its own developmental agenda as well as the promotion of peace and the wellbeing of its members.


1. Teach the youth to see agriculture as a lucrative venture by promoting it as a source of livelihood and a currency to eradicate extreme poverty in all its forms, including hunger and malnutrition with strong emphasis on youth, women and children.

2. Empower the youth and women and direct their exuberance towards lucrative agriculture to enable them be rural agents of change and economic growth.

3. Discourage youth migration to the cities and abroad in search of greener pastures, while creating platforms for the youth to identify

4.Teach the youth a trade, a vocation or skill capable of earning them a respectable and decent living.

5. Create and promote sanitarily sound and clean rural communities

6. Provide incentives, research information and technology for rural farmers along the agricultural value chain.

7. Create and promote rural communities that are capable of giving proper care, guidance, education, healthcare and full cycle-development to its children.

8. Eradicating or controlling extensively the rate of teenage pregnancy increase andearly child marriages.