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Dr. Bernard Dornoo BOARD MEMBER

Profile Status
  • Dr Bernard Dornoo
  • Solicitor of the Ghana Superior Court & Medical Practitioner
  • Nationality: Ghana

Dr. Bernard Dornoo is a passionate medico-legal consultant who has worked in the field of HIV for many years, championing the fight against stigma and discrimination related to HIV and other diseases. With vast experience in medical practice in both the public and private sector in Ghana, he has been moved by the plight of persons with terminal and debilitating diseases and level of care accorded them, if at all.
Dr. Dornoo previously worked with the World Health Organization as a Professional Officer responsible for Quality Systems under the Treatment Acceleration Project (TAP), which heightened the need for putting persons with HIV on anti-retroviral treatment, resulting in the significant increase of the proportion of persons living with HIV being put on treatment south of the Sahara. He currently works with the National AIDS/STI Control Programme in Ghana and is responsible for Clinical Care and Capacity Building.
He is both a member of the Ghana Medical Association and the Ghana Bar Association and has combine his practice of medicine and law over the past 13 years. His rare skills and expertise make him a sought-after consultant for medical and legal practitioners as well as for law firms, healthcare and corporate Institutions in the area of medico-legality. As a member of the Institute of Directors (Ghana) he inculcates proper governance and administrative structure and processes in all his professional and organisational dealings.
Dr. Dornoo is a member of the Ghana Palliative Care Association and currently serves as the interim General Secretary, working with other members of the Executive team to strategically position the Association to not only continue leading the course of palliative care in Ghana, but to make it a critical and recognised area of healthcare nationally. He is driven by his desire to see a high sense of human dignity accorded to every person irrespective of age, class, race, and social status, state of health or nature of disease being transient, chronic or terminal.

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