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OAD in Developing Partnership with FARA

As part of its mandate to champion scientific agriculture as pivotal to the African agriculture transformation agenda, OAD has taken steps to entrench its partnership relationship with Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA), the apex continental organisation responsible for coordinating and advocating for Agricultural Research For Development (AR4D).

FARA serves as the technical arm of the Africa Union Commission on matters concerning agriculture science, technology and innovation.

The ultimate goal of this partnership relationship is for both partners to eventually reach an accord to work together towards planning, committing resources, sharing risks and benefits and conducting activities to accomplish mutual goals’. Preliminary understanding has however been reached to work together in enhancing OAD’s flagship programme christened, FOODGOALS African Farmers and Agricultural Researchers (AFAR) Awards, for which FARA is expected to handle research components of the initiatives.

FARA has, in affirmation of its commitment to this initiative and partnership appointed their Program Officer to work with OAD to identify clear areas for synergy and collaboration, while developing programs that promote mutual mandates of both organisations.

The Executive Director of FARA Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo during a meeting with the Founder and Donor Member, Mr. Bonaventure Aguissi and his team from OAD, expressed his enthusiasm for the all-inclusive initiative of OAD (FOODGOALS) and called for more technical consultation to ensure that African agricultural realities are informing the development of projects. He emphasized the importance of the development of a Science Agenda, which is Africa-owned and Africa-led for Agriculture in Africa as an important step on the road to the transformation of Africa’s agriculture. He then invited OAD to FARA General Assembly 2016, which he described as the principal forum for stakeholders in African agriculture science, technology and innovation to take stock of their collective achievements over the past three years and chart a common agenda along with modalities for achieving their collective targets over the next three years. He mentioned that the platform will provide a unique opportunity for OAD to increase its visibility and rally support while building formidable networks for the effective implementation of its projects.

OAD cannot over-emphasize the importance of a research for development; however, the developing partnership between OAD and FARA only prepares the stage for groundbreaking initiatives that will push Africa even closer to achieve the agriculture transformation.

By Joseph Edem Klu.