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OAD celebrates Christmas with SCEF

Christmas is about sharing, showing care and love to the less privileged and vulnerable in society in any special way we can”. With this in mind, the Organisation for African Development (OAD) led by its Executive Officer Mr. Bonaventure Aguissi put smiles on the faces of

children at the Street Children Empowerment Center- SCEF (a community focused Non-Governmental Organisation that supports street children) at James town in Accra on Saturday, 24th December, 2016.

OAD celebrated Christmas with about 50 children whose age ranges from four to sixteen years at the foundation, as a way of making merry with the less privileged during the yuletide. The Director of OAD who sewed cloth for all the fifty children and 10 staff of SCEF, identified himself with the children by wearing the same print. The Director and all staff dined with the children together with drinks and chocolate shared for all the children. The children, staff of SCEF and OAD all sung together Christmas carols and merry songs.

Mr. Paul Semeh the Director of SCEF, used the occasion to share the vision and mission of the SCEF and further added few challenges facing the foundation. Mr. Bonaventure Aguissi who is a “godfather” to some of the children, used the occasion to commend the staff of SCEF and urged them not to relent in the good course. He further instilled hope in the children by tasking each of them to remain focus in their academics, accord full respect to their leaders and believe in God to make their lives successful.

Finally OAD donated rice, oil and customized OAD shirts to SCEF to be shared to the children for this festive season. The Director of OAD during his speech also stated his commitment to addressing some of the challenges raised by Mr. Paul. He stressed that he will bring on board other key stakeholders and philanthropist like himself to address some of these challenges just as he has done over the years.

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