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OAD in Land Tenure

The Organisation for African Development (OAD) strives to develop strong relationships with all political, traditional and religious leaders with a focus on their capacities as land trustees, as well as owners, regulators, adjudicators and administrators of available arable land in the country. It is against this background the Organisation recently visited the heads of the various regional House of chiefs across the country to introduce the Organisation’s unique approach in agriculture to the chiefs since they are the custodians of lands in Ghana. The chiefs passionately welcomed the organisation and pledged their support for its operations. OAD’s founder, Mr. Bonaventure Aguissi, said the strong desire for the promotion of Agriculture cannot be achieved if the custodians of the land are relegated to the back, hence his continuous effort to meeting the land trustees. He started that the organisation believes agriculture is the future and salvation for Africa. “We cannot therefore encourage our youth to go into farming when there are no readily available legal lands for them to use”, he said to the Chiefs. He beseeched the chiefs to make litigation free lands available for agriculture, to encourage the youth to go into agriculture.