why we exists and our objectives


OAD strives to develop ethical advocacy and action programmes in partnership with key stakeholders to eradicate the causes and consequences of extreme poverty in all its forms; by promoting sustainable peace and agriculture. OAD uses sports and cultural activities as a mechanism to increase interest, investment and participation in agriculture particularly for the youth and women.

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Our aim or desired result.


Join global and continental efforts by major stakeholders to address extreme poverty, unemployment, hunger, malnutrition, youth extremism and youth migration by creating millions of jobs through agriculture.Learn More »


Collaborate with major stakeholders to create an African award and Official Public Holiday – to commemorate, honour and reward African Farmers and Agricultural Researchers, in AU member states, and at regional and continental levels.Learn More »

Itigation Free Arable Lands

Work with the custodians of the lands, traditional power structures and modern authorities in Africa to make available litigation free arable lands for agricultural purposes.Learn More »

investments along the agriculture

Work towards and advocate for investments along the agriculture value chain for smallholders as a key to ensure rural prosperity.Learn More »


Display Of Our Works.

As part of its core objectives, OAD embarks on advocacy initiatives and programs to drive home the need for agricultural reforms aimed at strengthening the rural farmers as well as call for cooperation among government, donor organisations and civil societies towards our collective responsibility along the agricultural value chain. It is against this backdrop that the OAD added its voice to the AGRF in 2014.


Mrs Appoline GOMES


BOARD MEMBER Mrs Appoline GOMES Entrepreneur Nationality: Senegal As the manager of Nanissi Global Solutions, she is famous in... read more

Mr. Moise SONOU


BOARD MEMBER Mr. Moise SONOU Snr. Officer FAO-UN Regional Office for Africa (Rtd) Nationality: Benin He is a renowned... read more

Alhaji Momodou JALLOW


BOARD MEMBER Alhaji Momodou JALLOW FAO-UN Country Rep. for Uganda Nationality: Gambia MSc in Fisheries and Economics from the University... read more