Our Goals

  1. Join global and continental efforts by major stakeholders to eradicate extreme poverty, unemployment, hunger, malnutrition, youth extremism and youth migration by creating millions of jobs through agriculture.
  2. Help to ensure food security in Africa and beyond, in a peaceful environment.
  3. Apply our unique approach to agricultural research, farming and education to sustain and improve upon the current gains made in agriculture.
  4. Collaborate with the major stakeholders to create an awards scheme that celebrates African Farmers and Agricultural Researchers in each African country and on the continent.
  5. Work with the custodians of the lands, traditional power structures in Africa to make available litigation free land for agricultural purposes, to encourage the youth and all unemployed to go into agriculture.
  6. Work towards and advocate for investments along the agriculture value chain for smallholders as a key to ensure rural prosperity.
  7. Create live media events to encourage African youth to appreciate the viability of agronomy and agribusiness by applying our unique approach.
  8. Inspire the interest of the huge unemployed and urban African population in agriculture by making it sexy and attractive through our collaboration with sports (particularly football), leadership, business and culture icons.
  9. Assist African farmers to reach their full potential of increased food productivity and prosperity.
  10. Promote an Africa that is free of all health-threatening issues, which are due to ignorance, extreme poverty, hunger, malnutrition and unemployment, lack of access to quality education, healthy food and clean water.