Zhilinet and its sister organisation-the Organisation for African Development, believes that all of its undertakings, mandates and agriculture initiatives, can only attain fruition when the environment in which it operates is peaceful without any rancour nor turmoil. No country would prefer to trade its peace for war, no organization or group of people would prefer to price war over a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

The priceless nature of peace made it necessary for the Organisation for African Development (OAD) to send the message to everyone. OAD organised a Peace Walk which featured people from different religious backgrounds, Christians, Muslims among others.

The OAD Peace Walk was organised as a way of trumpeting the message of peace to the world. The event was carried out by a massive walk through the principal streets of Accra with peace messages on placards to make the message more imposing on the public.

The Organisation for African Development (OAD) Grand Launch was certainly an occasion which brought to life the passion for African development and served as a clarion call on all who genuinely seek the advancement of Africa to quickly rise to the occasion and play their part diligently.

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