The OAD Peace Cup 2012

Zhilinet and its sister organisation-the Organisation for African Development, believes that all of its undertakings, mandates and agriculture initiatives, can only attain fruition when the environment in which it operates is peaceful without any rancour nor turmoil. No country would prefer to trade its peace for war, no organization or group of people would prefer to price war over a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

It would take the indigenes and true citizens of Africa themselves to initiate, nurture and maintain peace among themselves at all times. When one looks at war torn regions and countries today, one quickly gets a better picture and answer to what chaos, instability and division in a country can do to its people, their future and their development. 

Africa could have the best brains to carry out the best initiatives that can transform our destiny like no other continent, yet if her people are not preachers, followers and practitioners of peace, the continent would lurk behind while others smile and enjoy the good of their land and all the opportunities which their continent creates for them each passing day.


It is in line with this that the OAD PEACE CUP was such a significant event. The tournament was organised to promote and advocate peace as the only sure way by which progress can be attained on the continent of Africa. The peace message was sent through the game of football because football is in possession of the language of peace since it has what it takes to bring people together, irrespective of their religion, race, culture or character.

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