The OAD Grand Launch 2012

The Organisation for African Development (OAD) Grand Launch was certainly an occasion which brought to life the passion for African development and served as a clarion call on all who genuinely seek the advancement of Africa to quickly rise to the occasion and play their part diligently.

The launch which was graced by various chiefs, government representatives, heads of agricultural institutions, the diplomatic corps and many other very prominent individuals in Ghana and beyond, manifested the need for current African leaders to play their part in training and teaching the youth to adopt the mindset of self-sufficiency.


In a speech delivered by the foresighted leader and  founder of OAD, Mr. Bonaventure Aguissi, he indicated that the legacy of self-sufficiency lies in nothing other than agriculture, so all the stakeholders in the agricultural sector must therefore up their game in order to make the already lucrative agricultural sector  more attractive, especially to the youth.

He stressed the need for the attention given to rural farmers to be deepened so that they can be encouraged the more to always keep our food baskets full. This, he believes can help fight and win the battle over extreme poverty, hunger, malnutrition and unemployment which continue to pose a huge challenge to the African continent.

He further stated the various initiatives which the Organisation for African Developmentkeeps working on to address those challenges in Africa. Notable among such initiatives is the AFAR AWARDS FOODGOALS, which seeks to honour and reward the best African farmer and agricultural researcher periodically to make agriculture very attractive and "sexy" to everybody especially the youth. 

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