Raymond Domenech Endorses the FOODGOALS Initiative

Mr. Raymond Domenech a successful former manager of the French National Team and currently the manager of Brittany Football Team has endorsed the FOODGOALS AFAR Awards Initiative. He made the endorsement when Mr. Bonaventure Aguissi, OAD's Founder and Executive Director led by the President of Brittany Football Association Mr. Gerard Russo paid a courtesy call on him on a recent visit to France.

The discussion which was held in Paris between the three gentlemen centered on galvanising support within the global football fraternity for OADs current flagship project called the FOODGOALS AFAR Awards Initiative, which seeks to recognise and reward farmers and researchers across Africa.

Mr. Aguissi first introduced the FOODGOALS AFAR Awards and what it seeks to achieve to Mr. Domenech and further elaborated on the Peace and Ethical Prosperity Project which is a combination of projects aimed at having direct impact on the farmers through activities such as provision of boreholes and farm inputs to rural smallholder farmers with added benefits to women and children. Mr. Domenech spent a lot of time perusing the Peace and Ethical Prosperity Project and was overwhelmed with how it tackles the immediate needs of smallholder farmers.

Mr. Domenech commended OAD upon hearing the immense challenges that the FOODGOAL Initiative seeks to overcome and endorsed the project by stating that he is willing to partner OAD in executing the project. He was impressed with OADs unique approach of using football as a driving tool to attract the youth into the agricultural sector and stated his passion to see the children of Africa succeed. He applauded the OAD and Mr. Aguissi for having such a vision-filled initiative.

On his part, Mr. Aguissi indicated that OAD is working diligently to bring the largest football governing body (FIFA), club managers and top football players on board of the Initiative to make it a truly world class event. The endorsement of the FOODGOALS AFAR Awards initiative by Mr. Raymond Domenech is another positive step for OAD in achieving its goal.


Last modified on Wednesday, 24 August 2016 13:29