OAD working towards a Partnership with AfDB

The Organisation for African Development (OAD) led by Mr. Bonaventure Aguissi (Executive Director & Founder) was invited by the African Development Bank Group (AfDB) through the office of the President of the Bank, for partnership discussions on mutual projects.

Aside the Executive Director, The team from OAD included Eric Don-Arthur (Programs Director) and Joseph Klu (Programs Officer). The OAD team was received by Ms. Zeneb Toure, (Principal Civil Society Engagement Officer) and Mr. Benedict Kanu, (Lead Agricultural Expert (OSAN)) at the AfDB headquarters in Abidjan.


Ms. Toure commenced the meeting by stating AfDB’s mission and vision with regards to working with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and explained why the Bank appreciates such partnerships especially in executing their long and short-term plans. Mr. Kanu explained the banks mission in the field of agricultural support, he emphasised on AfDBs current projects under the Agriculture Sector Strategy.


Mr. Klu shared insights on OAD and recounted some of the projects the organisation has executed in the past. Mr. Aguissi and Mr. Don Arthur presented the FOODGOALS – African Farmers and Agricultural Researchers (AFAR) Awards Initiative. The partnership meeting between OAD and AfDB was necessary because, OAD believes in the leadership of AfDB as far as development is concerned.


The team at AfDB recognised and acknowledged the parallel nature of the objectives of OAD’s FOODGOALS Initiative and that of AfDB’s Agricultural Sector Strategy. They applauded the initiative and requested that a more detailed version of the concept proposal be sent to them as soon as possible for consideration.


Subsequent meetings are to be organised to finalise clear roles to be played by the Bank for the effective execution of the FOODGOALS Initiative.

The meeting between OAD and AfDB ended on a positive note and it signals the birth of a great partnership for Africa’s development.


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