OAD in Working Relationship with UNESCO

The Organisation for African Development (OAD) has deepened its partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in Accra, Ghana. The consensus for partnership has been established based on collective projects of both organisations in the area of promoting sustainable peace and food security through education, culture, science and sports.

The maiden series of projects the OAD is partnering UNESCO on is the FOODGOALS – AFAR Award and its subsidiary projects beginning with the Community Care Peace Project (CCPP). Outcomes from OADs partnership meetings with UNESCO include agreements to work together towards the FOODGOALS - AFAR Awards, collaboration between the two organisations to take research information from partners such as FARA and FAO to formulate it into a teachable, doable and replicable education module that farmers can easily assimilate. UNESCO has also agreed to handle and execute the Peace Module of the Community Care Peace Project.


The partnership has recently received an endorsement from the UNESCO Headquarters, with the overarching goal of each organisation adding value to the other. The endorsement avails UNESCO’s technical capacity and resources for the execution of agreed projects.


A working team has been formed between the technical team of UNESCO and OAD to work in developing and enhancing modules for the Community Care Peace Project (CCPP).


Last modified on Friday, 09 September 2016 19:20