OAD in Working Relationship with FAO

The Organisation for African Development (OAD) has taken huge strides in deepening partnerships with the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). Recent engagements have been focused on identifying areas of synergy towards fulfilling mutual mandates and building collaborative efforts to achieve the African Agricultural Transformation Agenda.

The overarching goal of creating better opportunities for Africans particularly the youth through agriculture gives deep meaning to this partnership. Series of meetings have been held to draw and partner on advocacy and actionable project which aim to create better opportunities for farmers to increase their productivity and income in an environmentally sustainable way.


OAD’s experience in drawing and implementing direct impact agriculture and sustainable peace programs that targets the youth particularly comes in as a key component of this partnership. Whiles FAO’s wide reaching technical, consultancy and agricultural expertise will be a great contributing factor to the success of this partnership.


The Organisation for African Development has a number of agricultural focused programs ranging from the FOODGOALS - AFAR Awards and its post event projects, which includes the Community Care Peace Project (CCPP). FAO commended OAD on the CCPP and suggested that resources be channeled towards its immediate implementation considering its targeted beneficiaries and the envisaged impact it will have.


These partnerships are important since it brings about synergy and high-level expertise in tackling agriculture challenges whiles building projects to enhance agricultural productivity in a peaceful environment.


Last modified on Friday, 09 September 2016 19:20