OAD Partners METRO T.V to Organise Sports Day for James Camp Prison

The Organisation for African Development (OAD) in partnership with Metro T.V and in collaboration with T.T Brothers and Phoenix Insurance Company organised a sports day event for the inmates of James Camp Prison, a correctional facility at Roman Ridge in Accra.

The football match saw inmates of the correctional facility play against the staff of Metro T.V., which ended in a 2-0 win in favour of the inmates. 


The Officer-in-Charge (OIC) ADP Asamoah Fenning and Assistant Superintendent of Ghana Prisons Edward Akotia Okai graced the occasion. At the end of the game, assorted items ranging from rice, cooking oil, drinks, bales of used clothing, bags of sachet water amongst others were donated by sponsors. Leading the presentation, Mr. Fadi of Metro T.V. advised inmates of James Camp to be of good behavior and reminded them not to feel like outcasts since society cares about them. 


Mr. Bonaventure Aguissi, Executive Director and Founder of OAD also shared some words of encouragement with the inmates. He mentioned the core mandate of the OAD, which is to promote agricultural development using avenues such as sports. Mr. Aguissi placed emphasis on the need to support inmates and eventually reintegrate them into society. He explained that OAD and its partners will organize agriculture and entrepreneurship training of inmates on a pilot basis at the James Camp prison. OAD will partner with other stakeholders and international development partners to pool resources and technical expertise to support the implementation of the pilot of the project. Inmates that participate in this project are expected to be equipped with the requisite skills to start their own agribusiness after prison. 


After the training, OAD with the help of sponsors and donors shall liaise with the traditional leaders to provide inmates with arable lands for agricultural purposes and support them with extension services and farm inputs.  


After the football match, the OAD team was given a tour of the James Camp Prison farms. The OAD team visited the pig sty and the fish farm, the cabbage farms, pepper nursery and the rabbit and grass cutter farm. ADP Fenning pointed out that there was another area designated for a second fish pond but they were waiting on funds for work to commence. ADP Fenning complained that marketing of their fish (tilapia) was also a challenge since people who patronised their produce always wanted to buy them at lower prices. Mr. Aguissi inquired why the prison was not rearing goat and sheep, to which ADP Fenning stated that funds are not available to build a proper pen for rearing goats and sheep. He then informed ADP Fenning of OADs partnership with organisations such as the United Nations Agencies and other development partners and will inform them about James Camp Prison and their needs.  


Officials at James Camp Prison showed appreciation to OAD and called on benevolent organisations to support James Camp prison farms. Mr. Aguissi in turn commended the staff and inmates of the James Camp for the proper maintenance of the farm and thanked them for the tour. 


OAD is most grateful to Metro TV for this wonderful initiative, which aims among other things to put smiles on the face of prisoners. Credit is also given to Metro TV for bringing OAD on board this project, to which OAD added the agriculture capacity training for prisoners as a way of sustaining their livelihood after prison in order to make them productive members of society


Last modified on Friday, 10 June 2016 20:42